Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Doctor Who Companions: SEXY OR UNSEXY?

After the recent furore over the appropriate levels of sexiness in Doctor Who, I thought I would add to the debate with photographic evidence. Each time on SEXY OR UNSEXY I will present two companions - one from the original series (1963-89) and one from the modern era (2005 onwards).



First up is a teacher all the way from 60s Britain, she was among the first to meet the Daleks, she loves sensible fashions and history books - it's Barbara Wright!

Next is a girl we met when she was only a child but she soon grew up to become a flame haired kiss-o-gram - it's Amy Pond!

So who is sexy or unsexy? Both? Neither?

Obviously it's Barbara. Shouldn't have asked really.

Join me next time for more SEXY OR UNSEXY.

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