Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Beginning

Hi there, my name’s Aaron and welcome to Snark and Fury. I’ve been blogging as jaxvor on livejournal since December 03 but I’ve decided to post my ‘A’ material (oh, okay C+ material) on this blog. So what do I blog about? Well, I cover film, TV and the occasional comic book. I post snarky recaps of bad TV shows; so far I’ve covered Torchwood, Robin Hood, Bonekickers and the terrible sixth season of 24. I like to have fun with the programmes that I recap rather than endlessly moan and bitch, which I hope comes through in my words.

I’m also going to post comic panels from my collection whenever I’m short on content. Just like the rest of the blogosphere.

So it’s a big welcome to the new readers and a warm welcome to my livejournal audience. Hope you like the new place.


oneshallstand said...

Huh, what? Where am I and what's going on?

Nice to see you branching out further into the blogosphere and hope it gives you something more of an audience.

Awaiting Serial Killer vs Sargeant Violent and looking forward to what you bring in the future.

Aaron said...

Ah, if only I still had copies of the work I produced when I was 13. Prime blog material there.