Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My Hero

Burn Gorman is my hero. Look at his heroic features. Marvel at his ability to stand in front of the camera and gaze into the distance.

Doesn't he do it well?

That's why he's my hero.

I am also jealous of him.

Hmmm... smoldering. He's in the dark and he's mysterious. Or is he?

Here he is in front of that building with the funny writing in Cardiff Bay. He is much like me, a stranger in a strange land. I too know the hidden dangers and terrors of living in Cardiff as a non-Welshman.

You may think this photo is the same as the first, but look closely - he is wearing a hat.

I have written a haiku in his honour.

Burn Gorman is great
Even while wearing a hat
I wish I was him

Note the 5-7-5 syllable structure but lack of mention of a season. I'm sorry, but mere seasons pale in comparison to Burn Gorman's magnificence.

You know who could turn around Robin Hood? Burn Gorman.
You know why Demons was awful? No Burn Gorman.
You know why Torchwood series three will probably be awful? Poor writing, performances, ludicrous stories - oh sorry, no that should be, NO BURN GORMAN!

I love you Burn.

But not in a funny way.


arbitrary said...

He was great as Sykes in Oliver!

Aaron said...

Burn Gorman was Sykes
Although I didn't see it
I'm sure he was great