Thursday, 2 July 2009

Robin Hood Cancelled Just After Blogger Busts His Ass Recapping It

Well it looks like the final episode of Robin Hood series three was its last, as reports of its cancellation have hit the news.

Hop on over to Dan's Media Digest and The Guardian for details and quotes.

The last episode was a good way for the show to go and without (*deep breath*) Richard Armitage, Keith Allen, Lara Pulver and Jonas Armstrong it would have been a totally different series, especially with a rumoured change of location from Hungary to Scotland. I'm not sad it's gone and I hope the BBC use the money saved to come up with another piece of imaginative entertainment. I've said before that I'd rather the BBC try to produce thrilling and engaging shows than not try at all, even if the shows so far have been disappointing.

But hey, Robin Hood can hold its head high because it wasn't anywhere near as bad as Demons.


Rev/Views said...

Maybe it's time for me to send my Richard Armitage vehicle script to the BBC. He's looking for work and they have a gap in the budget, it'll be ideal!

Aaron said...

My pitch would be, "Richard Armitage kills Torchwood."