Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Favourite Episodes - Torchwood: The One Where A Cyberwoman Fights A Pterodactyl

Torchwood is a spin-off off off off Doctor Who and thus contains a small piece of Doctor Who's infinite amount of awesomeness, thus making Torchwood also infinitely awesome. You can find my thoughts on Torchwood under the Torchwood tag on this blog. Imagine that.

This particular episode of Torchwood comes from the faultless and amazing first season. Back when swear words and crude sex references were inserted into the dialogue at random moments for EXTREME effect. My favourite piece of dialogue in this episode is when Gwen utters the phrase 'hard on'. Not because I am a pervert or anything, but because using words like that is edgy, modern, and hip.

In this episode Ianto forgets to make the tea for the Torchwood team after they have had a nice game of basketball, so they all go to the pub and leave him behind. Ianto does not care though, as he is entertaining a Japanese man who is trying to fix Ianto's secret cyberwoman girlfriend that he keeps in the secret underground room that no-one else in Torchwood ever goes in. Hilarity and mirth ensues when the cyberwoman escapes from her confines and tries to teach everyone in Torchwood the true meaning of Christmas.

This episode is my favourite because:


The pterodactyl (Myfanwy) is considered an awesome secret weapon against the threat of cyberisation - presumably because cybermen really don't like things that flap in their faces or make CAW CAW SCRREEEEECCCHHHH sounds. The fight is so amazing and budget shattering that we are not allowed to see it in its entirety. We have to assume that this mighty battle between metal person of the future and the dinosaur of the past was decided when the pterodactyl flew off to eat something not made of inedible steel.

Ianto cries a lot in this episode. Episodes where Ianto cries about things are the best ones. Especially when he's crying over a girlfriend that will soon be forgotten after this episode. Here are some nice shots of Ianto crying:

I think the last image is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

In the end the cyberwoman tries to find a new home in the body of a pizza delivery girl but Ianto decides that he doesn't like girls anymore so Jack shoots her.

So there you are, conclusive proof that Torchwood: The One Where A Cyberwoman Fights A Pterodactyl is the greatest episode of TV ever.

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