Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Bold New Experiment

Look, I know I've been neglecting you. You probably don't even know who I am. To you I'm probably that strange guy who wanders into your life, moans about Saturday night TV and whatever Torchwood is up to, and then leaves and doesn't call you for months.

I'm going to try something new. During the day I write a lot of stupid crap on Twitter and it's always in lieu of writing for the blog. So from now on I'm cross pollinating my users and mashing my social media into one ungodly, deformed beast. I will be posting the best of my daily twatterings on Twitter up here so those of you who fear Twitter can read my thoughts and marvel at the mundanity of it all.

I have tried to edit out the really weird/boring stuff and I've included some retweets from people you should be following. There's also a link to an entire pitch for a new ITV detective show that I'm very excited about. That one deserves its own post though.

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